Gift Vouchers

Are you worried how you are going to fund this new venture? I would be thinking the same which is why we’ve endeavoured to answer that age old problem of what to ask for when it comes round to Christmas / Birthday / Anniversary / Wedding (only kidding).

You can point your partner, friends or family members to this section and they can buy a voucher for any of the services we provide. They can be purchased in the following denominations which fit one or more of the services provided:


This will cover the cost of a grouped session. Really useful for learning new skills and meeting potential training partners.


Want an initial consultation, one-on-one session or even a fitness test, get you work colleagues to buy this, gives you an added incentive to prove you can do it next time you’re in the office.


A little more expensive but worth the extra, provides one month of a basic training plan


From that special loved one who doesn’t want to see you as much (because you will be training so much more), this will provide you with a one month flexible training plan.

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