At 15 I fell in love with and found I could not live with out running. It started as just a weight loss thing to shut the boys up at school. Then I started competing, and in my second year of university I added cycling my endurance addiction. Both disciplines came naturally to me and I have dedicated hours and hours to both of them. Swimming on the other hand is a different story…until I met Darren.

I tried to warn him of my terrible swimming technique. This didn’t seem to faze him. Three days after a meeting with him I found my self in the pool one Monday evening “swimming” two laps to show him my front crawl. As I spluttered to the end I half expected him to be falling around on the floor with laughter. He wasn’t. He was very patient and gave me two tips in the half hour we had. These two pointers changed everything!!

He also provided me with a well-balanced training program focusing on all three disciplines. I was excited to see it was littered with cycling and running. The challenge was going to be how much swimming was in the programme. Could I do that much swimming? Three swimming sessions after my first 1 to 1 with Darren, I was 10 laps in and realised I was actually enjoying the swimming. Darren had changed my swimming radically in just one half hour session!! A few weeks later he helped even more with a video analysis session, followed by a detailed written up analysis of my technique. Although I still have a long way to go till I am tri ready, the change is radical. Darren has taken me from floundering puppy to swimmer.

Darren’s intense program he has provided me for the past month has given me a renewed purpose in my training. I love following each day and logging it with the detailed excel spread sheet thingy he created and we both log each session on; its something I have always wanted to be able to do but never knew how. Darren has built my confidence in all three areas and I am excited to see what the new-year brings, I know he is going to challenge me, and I can’t wait. Lucy Biddlestone, Brighton – 1st time triathlete

“I decided to enter my first triathlon in May 2010, after paying my entry fee I realised, to my horror, that I actually had no idea where to begin. I was moderately fit – a respectable swimmer – but as far as knowing where to begin training for a triathlon, I was lost! I had bought triathlon magazines but none of them were able to help me understand either the basics of training for a triathlon, or to ease my anxiety as I thought of race day!

After 2.5 months, on race day, my feelings were entirely different. Darren coached me through a mix of one-on-one, group sessions, and a training plan tailored to what I could manage, and also what would give me the best result in the time available. Throughout the whole process Darren was flexible, encouraging and drove me to train as hard as I could. His support and mentoring was second to none: always at the end of the phone or quick to reply to an email. His cycling coaching was invaluable and interval training tough, but he was always the first to ask how a session had gone.

Darren’s coaching made the absolute difference: he motivated me and inspired me to do as much as I could; to commit to my training plan and see it through until race day. He managed to improve my fitness and, crucially, my confidence to attempt my first triathlon. Most importantly, his support and encouragement, along with his expertise and skills, born out of completing many triathlons himself, has made the experience of my first triathlon an utterly unforgettable one, and, perhaps most importantly, made me want to do another one!” Cecily Mills, Brighton – 1st time triathlete

“With a strong background in both running and cycling I decided that I would take up triathlon as a new challenge. What I didn’t bargain on was the swim leg being as hard to master as it is. A discipline that is predominantly about technique I found that my strong fitness levels were not able to translate into strong swim times. As such I sought the advice of a qualified coach and Darren’s easy going and succinct step by step approach has enabled me to apply small changes to my stroke that have quickly paid big dividends. I am now able to swim more confidently more efficiently and ultimately more quickly in both the pool and open water situations.” Ian Leitch, Brighton – Xterra Japan Champion 2010; British Off-road Triathlon champion 2010

“Darren gave me some excellent coaching in technique before my first Olympic triathlon, and on the day, it really helped my performance, finishing 11th in my age group” Katie Smith, Brighton – 1st time triathlete

“I reached my triathlon goal with the help of Darren, he provided me with an excellent dynamic training program that he updated on a weekly basis depending on my previous performances and factored in injuries I was carrying. I was amazed at the end result shaving 10mins off my personal best even with my knee injury!! Excellent value for money” Ryan Moynan, Worthing – Returning triathlete

“Cormac has energy, compassion, wisdom and a great capacity for listening. These qualities make him the perfect coach and consultant for any individual or organization.” Dale Prentiss, Co-Owner, Michigan Kundalini Yoga, USA

“The Retreat has allowed me to explore my life’s direction. From a personal development perspective it has been the most enlightening four days of my life, 10 out of 10. Thank you Cormac.” Sara, Melbourne, Australia

“After watching the 2010 Brighton Marathon, I decided to sign up for the 2011 one despite being a novice runner. I was nearing my 40th birthday and needed a challenge!

I didn’t really know where to start and how quickly/ slowly to increase the training distances and I found that the plans I found online were for more experienced runners. Then I met Darren, and he wrote me personalised four weekly training plans, adjusting them to my own requirements ie. fitting in holidays, sickness and injury recovery and even parties!!! He pushed me, but also listened if I found the training too hard. As the months progressed I was amazed at the distances I was covering, and what started off as a ‘long run’ at the beginning of the training soon became one of the shorter runs. Darren was always supportive and available if I need any help.

On April 10th I completed the 26.2 mile distance in 4.42 hrs- it was one of the most incredible thing I have done and I actually loved every moment of it! A big thank you to Darren for helping me achieve my goal.” Debbie, Brighton – 1st time marathoner

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