Sample sessions

The time of the year and proximity of your next race will dictate the nature of the sessions we will provide to you. Whether the session is based around developing your aerobic capacity (long slow effort) or your speed (intervals), their will be a reason why the session has been proposed. Most sessions have the following structure.
– Warm up
– Drills
– Main set
– Cool down

– Glide and Thumbs drill to make sure your swim stroke is not short at the front and back which results in a requirement to swim more strokes per length and tires you out quicker
– Catch up and one arm drills to help you think about your stroke on each side of the body.
– Pull drill is a good one to help focus on your arms as the legs are kept afloat by a buoy between your legs.

– Cadence drill to help you understand that gears are your friends and there is an optimum cadence (number of revolutions per minute) that is efficient for cycling.
– Cornering drill to improve confidence around corners as well as reducing the amount of time you are not pedalling therefore keeping the speed up.
– One leg drill to highlight the need for input throughout the whole 360 degree of the pedal stroke and remove dead spots where no propulsion occurs. This will be of benefit to your overall cycling efficiency. This drill helps smooth out the dead spots which are not noticed as the opposite leg normally takes up the slack.

– High knees drill to help the drive phase of your running as it extends your stride and increases pace
– Heel flick drill to remind you that every action has a reaction, by pushing off you get more forward motion, the reaction is your heel rises
– Fast feet drill for those of us who have become a slow plodder. Increasing the tempo of your running requires a little more effort but the output out ways the input.

– Bike mounting and dis-mounting to make you safer and faster out of transition
– Transition rules regarding helmets, mount and dismount lines
– Transition set up and practice to practice the change from swim->bike and bike->run. Mistakes can happen, stresses can build if you feel time has been wasted putting wrong items of equipment on in the wrong order.

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