Athlete Profile

Natural Abilities Profile

First batch of Questions are (true/false):
1 – I prefer to ride in a bigger gear with a lower cadence than most of my training partners
2 – The shorter the race, the better I perform
3 – As the intervals get shorter, I get better
4 – I’m stronger at the end of long workouts than my training partners
5 – I can squat and/or leg press more weight than most in my category
6 – I prefer long races
7 – I run and bike in the hills better than most in my age group
8 – I enjoy high volume training weeks
9 – My running stride is short and quick
10 – I have always been better at sprints than at endurance
11 – In most sports, I’ve finished stronger than most others
12 – I’m more muscular than most triathletes of my age and sex
13 – I’m better at swimming in rough water than most others in my age group
14 – I prefer workouts that are short but fast
15 – I’m confident of my endurance at the start of long races

Mental Skills Profile

Second batch of Questions are (1=Never;2=Rarely;3=Sometimes;4=Frequently;5=Usually;6=Always):
1 – I believe my potential as an athlete is excellent
2 – I train consistently and eagerly
3 – When things don’t go well in a race, I remain positive
4 – In hard races I can imagine myself doing well
5 – Before races I remain positive and upbeat
6 – I think of myself more as a success than as a failure
7 – Before races I’m able to erase self doubt
8 – The morning of a race I awake enthusiastically
9 – I learn something from races when I don’t do well
10 – I can see myself handling tough race situations
11 – I’m able to race at near my ability level
12 – I can easily picture myself training and racing
13 – Staying focused during long races is easy for me
14 – I stay in tune with my exertion levels in races
15 – I mentally rehearse skills and tactics before races
16 – I’m good at concentrating as a race progresses
17 – I make sacrifices to attain my goals
18 – Before an important race I can visualise doing well
19 – I look forward to workouts
20 – When I visualise myself racing, it almost feels real
21 – I think of myself as a tough competitor
22 – In races I tune out distractions
23 – I set high goals for myself
24 – I like the challenges of a hard race
25 – When the race becomes difficult I concentrate even better
26 – In races I am mentally touch
27 – I can relax my muscles before races
28 – I stay positive despite late race starts, bad weather, poor officiating etc
29 – My confidence stays high the week after a bad race
30 – I strive to be the best athlete I can be

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