Coaching available

Initial consultation (coffee and cake!):

We want all out athletes to benefit from our coaching and to achieve that we need to find out as much about you as an athlete as possible, it really does help set the scene for you as an athlete and is a fantastic platform for your to ask questions about what we offer, how we coach or other questions such as ‘what is the best race?’, ‘what type of bike should I use?’ etc. We will meet and discuss who you are, your previous sporting achievements (or not), reasons for getting involved in one of the most talked about sports this decade, any injuries, time availability for training sessions and any thing else you want to discuss. Previous clients have raised issues such as diet, equipment, most suitable race, training routes to name a few. All will be answered as well as basic explanations of why you should train SMART and not hard (everyone seems to like hearing that).

Swim video (£30):

Held at Steyning pool, these sessions have proven very popular with athletes seeing the benefit of the session which include:

- pool side warm up
- full swim session with observation by coaches (BLABT)
- several video sets from all angles (including below the surface)
- debrief immediately after session
- video uploaded via Drop Box to athletes with crib sheet and drills

One-on-One coaching sessions (£30):

Always the most beneficial coaching available whether it is from us or an Olympic champion. We can focus on you as the athlete and take the time to explain the session in as much detail as required, answer any questions and we make sure you get the most out of our experience. Coaching sessions fit into 4 categories:

Swimming / Cycling / Running / Transition (the 4th discipline)

Each session will involve a warm-up to get the mind and body ready for the session, a drill to highlight the technique of the sport be it swimming, cycling, running or within the transition area, followed by the session whether it be technical or effort based, finishing off with a warm down and any questions that may have arisen during the session.

Small group sessions (from £5 per person):

These sessions provide the same information as the one-on-one above but within a small group environment. We aim to group together athletes of similar experience and fitness levels in order for you to feel involved but also, as a bi-product, introduce you to other athletes who may be good training partners. Numbers are limited per session, minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 people.

Triathlon Exposure Days (£200):

If you are not based in Brighton and are still interested in receiving some small group coaching, we can come to you. Our triathlon exposure days are packed full of information, sessions, question and answer sessions that will give you a fantastic understanding of the sport and enable the team at wearetri to help you on your way into this sport. The day will be packed and will be based on the following format:

- Introductions of we are tri coaches and attendees
- Training theory seminar
- Swim session: assessment of stroke and some sample drills
- Bike session: assessment of cycling style plus basic bike – set-up and some sample drills
- Run session: assessment of running style plus some sample drills
- Transition session – discussion of transition rules, tips and tricks to make the transition smooth
- Neuro-linguistic program (nlp) seminar – a basic discussion of the benefits of nlp and how it can benefit you as a triathlete
- Question & answers – this will be with the we are tri team. What are the best races, how to prepare, what kit to pack/wear etc.

Training Plans:

We provide training plans based on the initial consultation with the content fitting around you as the athlete with time availability and goals for the year. The plans will be provided in monthly chunks and will be updated regularly dependent on the training plan option taken. Their is a minimum period for these plans of 4 months, as any less will not give you as an athlete time to train sensibly and consistently to reach your goal. There are 2 training plan options:

Triathlon (£50 per month):

This is for the athlete who requires regular feedback and updates to their plan. This is also a monthly plan which is provided but, with feedback from you the athlete, may be updated to take into account injuries, work commitments, holidays etc. so you can return to the training after your break with the best knowledge on how to get back into training again with out injuring yourself by doing too much too soon.

Individual Swim/Bike or Run (£25 per month):

You may be an athlete who is not ready or is quite happy taking part in one of the 3 events and we have a few athletes who are being coached for running events (Brighton ½ and full Marathons). If you want a bespoke training plan that will get the most out of you as an athlete for one sport, then we can offer training plans for you.

Critical Velocity/Power Testing (£30):

We can provide a basic fitness testing session to work out your aerobic/anaerobic thresholds. This is very important for you as the athlete as training at the correct intensity (much lower than you would think) for the correct duration and at the correct time of the year, can really developed your fitness levels.

Laboratory Fitness Testing (Price on request):

This is a more complete testing environment where you visit one of our affiliated labs to receive testing for VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold, Power output to name but a few. More details to follow but this testing and the subsequent adjusted training plan will really help you train in the smartest manner possible, Ian Leitch is tested regularly and has benefited his performance noticeably.

One-2-One NLP Consultation (4-step programme) – £120:

The initial consultation (approx 1 hour) will preferably be conducted face to face. Subsequent sessions (approx 30 mins) will be conducted using a combination of approaches including: face to face, telephone and/or e-mail.

The Initial Consultation will cover the following:

- The client’s expectations, and whether these are realistic.
- What the sessions will involve and the ethics of coaching.
- Personal details and medical background.
- Stress and its present management.
- Presenting issues, challenges and goals.

The 1st NLP Session: This will follow on from the information gained in the Initial Consultation and will focus on issues requiring change related to the client and his or her situation.

The 2nd NLP Session: This will focus on defining the client’s mission statement and their SWOT analysis. This will highlight the client’s present belief system. We will start work together on changing limiting beliefs.

The 3rd NLP Session: As above, but deeper and more practical.

The 4th NLP Session: By now the client should be feeling that progress has been made and is ready for modelling, positive visualisation, affirmations and specialist change models to embed and finalise the work.

Follow up personal coaching (£25): This can be useful to motivate and encourage on-going work. These are normally undertaken by e-mail or telephone.

Small Group NLP Sessions (£120):

NLP sessions can be tailored to small groups and included as a module to complement other Triathlon coaching programmes or exposure / training workshop and training camps.

For more details, please contact us.

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