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The team that have created we are tri saw the need for a new venture to fill the needs of triathletes who want a more personalised support structure than that provided by the large local triathlon clubs. Sessions and plans will be structured around you as an athlete taking into account your experience, skills, fitness and goals.

Darren Connaghan is the head coach (Level 2 BTF qualified) with support provided by Cormac Davey (NLP practitioner). Between us we will provide the environment and support through one-on-one sessions, small group sessions, bespoke and flexible training plans and local fitness tests or with our external lab fitness testing. More details on all of these can be found here.

We want to provide to you as an athlete the chance to avoid the mistakes that we encountered in our early triathlon careers. We have all benefited from coaching that has improved our performance, speed, technical knowledge and enjoyment of this great sport. We still compete and are always learning new things that help us improve (even fighting off the effects of age) and we want you to enjoy the sport as well.

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