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January saw the start of the Pace Awareness run group on Wednesday’s at 6:30pm which has been well attended, especially considering the weather for the month. Also, the arrival of the wearetri logo’d tri-suits have arrived and I will write a little bit in this newsletter. I’ve also carried out a few 1-1 swim sessions on Monday evenings, mainly with athletes who want a recheck of their form since their last session. It’s a short newsletter this month as it’s been quiet but next month I hope to see some articles on the ‘Pace Awareness group’, race reports from Brighton and Tunbridge Wells 1/2 marathon and anything else that may happen. Upcoming activities:
– Planning for sessions for 2013 which will include: ‘Cycle Pace Awareness (poss Feb-Mar)’; ‘Run Pace Awareness (Feb-Mar, but after the Brighton 1/2 marathon)’; ‘Swim Video Analysis (beginning of Mar)’, Cormac will be formualting a series of NLP related seminars/workshops plus anything else you may suggest so please, let me know what you need help with.

Darren Connaghan – arrival of the wearetri tri-suits
As you can see the tri-suits have arrived and in my opinion look fantastic. The weather has been a little problem in distributed these as moving around town and actually getting into town some days from Hollingbury meant that meeting up with everyone has been difficult, plus a few athletes live out of town and another is on holiday. Apart from that, those who have received them (Zeina, Richard, Mona, Ryan and myself) love them. I’m hoping the remaining athletes (Simon, Aaron and Lucy) will also. I decided against posting a full body picture for modesty sake, hopefully when everyone has their suit and can gather together, I’ll post a group shot and appreciate the coolness of seeing your name on some kit. I feel fast just thinking about it. That’s enough from me on the tri-suits, if you are interested, I will be asking if anyone wants to consider getting one of these suits for the season, probably at the end of February once I’ve met with a few more people.
For info, the side panels have 2 sections, the front section is green which can be seen and the back section is red. The back of the suit is black with two pockets, plus your name plastered over your bum. The zip runs from the top to the small of the back and is the same style as seen on the Brownlees so obviously a decent idea. There is another wearetri logo on the leg but within ITU limitations for those hoping to place at major competitions.

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