Swim Video Analysis – review

Today I received my report from the swim video session organised by WeAreTri at Steyning Leisure Centre. I opened the files with some trepidation as in the same way as your belief in your ability to dance seems inversely proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed. I was confident that what in my mind’s eye, I had a smooth and effective swim technique would prove to be more akin to aquatic daddy dancing.

Having attended a number of WeAreTri swim training sessions I was keen to see for myself the numerous flaws in my technique that had been highlighted and that I am still struggling to master, so it was with little persuasion that I found myself on a cold and still winter’s evening in the pools reception waiting for Darren and the other attendees. Steyning Leisure Centre is a relatively small facility but boasts a 25 metre pool and benefits from better than average staff and management for a public swimming pool and as such is always a pleasure to use, although a word of caution it is quite easy to fall foul of the aggressively enforced parking disc system run by Horsham District Council.

Upon arrival a brief conversation with the other victims helped to reassure me that I wasn’t the only one who was feeling slightly nervous at having my technique so closely scrutinised. In spite of this I was keen to get started and having changed, we each chose a lane and swam a few lengths to warm up. The session started with a couple of leg only lengths followed by the main pyramid session and finally a couple of lengths flat out. As we swam Darren videoed each of us in turn from both above and below the water allowing analysis not just when we were fresh but also as we tired. All too soon the hour was over and it was time to leave but before we did Darren gave us a brief preview of some of the video.

The big question is was it worth it? The answer for me and in my opinion for anyone looking to improve their swimming is an emphatic YES. There are several immediate benefits, being able to clearly see what Darren had already highlighted has made it much easier for me understand why and to focus on those techniques. It has also enable Darren to identify other areas to work on which he had not been able to clearly see during our previous sessions. Having it in writing always makes it seem more substantive and in the future I am sure it will prove useful as a reference point as my swimming improves.

Now I just need to spend the time in the pool to put all the information into practice so that I am better prepared for future training sessions and next season. As to my concerns about how bad my technique is, well let’s just say that there is definitely room for improvement.

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