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To train with an injury or not

Hi, this week I will be talking about the dilemma of training when you have a niggly injury or are feeling down in the dumps with aches or cold symptoms. What should you do in this situation? This is a … Continue reading

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Choosing your season’s races

I know, I know, it’s already mid-May and by now you have probably chosen your races for the year but the question is, how did you go about that decision? There are many ways of deciding what races you are … Continue reading

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Things to think about when buying a new Bike

Hi, the detailed barefoot running post will have to wait a while as I am still experimenting with the experience and would rather have a better understanding of it than pass on wrong info that may lead to injury. However, … Continue reading

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Barefoot Running

What is barefoot running and why is it something that we should think about? Firstly, in triathlon, there will always be a short part of the race where you will be running barefoot which is generally between the swim exit … Continue reading

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